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dreamy, distracted, driven

may contain nuts

12 June 1974
daughty was found a few decades ago at the shores of a German river, stranded in a little basket (you may find her resembling Moses). A Catholic family with one boy and three other girls adopted the little foundling and overfed it but made a point of her developing her intellect. daughty has a tendency to bitch about her family of origin in her diary, to be found here, and in real life, but she loves them nonetheless.

When little, daughty had the ambition of being a famous ballet-dancer, painter, playwright, novelist or singer. Unlike Moses, she did not find fame, so she went to law school instead. To kill her boredom that came with it, she now engages in bellydancing, just for the fun of it. Actually she is a daydreamer at heart and spends lots of time lost somewhere surreal.

She and her now ex-partner, who had been referred to as His Lordship (or HL), broke up at the beginning of this year, and she is now living on her own in a cosy little apartment. A trained lawyer, she is now working at the University in the city she moved to for the sake of her (now ex-)relationship with HL.

She likes books, hamsters, cats, good food and dancing as well as a wide variety of music and enjoys walking and cycling outdoors. Given her numerous other activities, she actually doesn't find a lot of time for her hobbies though.
daughty hates holier-than-thou attitudes and cannot stand intolerance of all sorts (thus being intolerant towards intolerant people, if that is not a contradiction).

daughty's diary is friends only, but she likes adding new people if they comment somewhere and introduce themselves.